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The ‘good old days’ of people leaving their homes unlocked, or just running into the shops quickly without locking the car, are over. Home, office, and car security is now taken very seriously in Sydney, and an increasing number of people are investing in more secure locks for their property. But with the reduced risk of theft comes the increased reliance on keys.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your car and realising you left your keys in the house – the house which is now securely locked. Or getting home after a night out with friends and realising that sometime during the course of the night your keys slipped out of your bag or pocket. In these situations, most people react in the same way – which usually involves a few minutes of cursing (either in your head or out loud), and then a few minutes of racking your brains to think of different ways to break into your home or car without alerting the cops. Finally, you will come to the conclusion that you need some professional help, so you get out the phone and call Lockout Squad Locksmith Sydney.

24 hr locksmith sydneyWhy choose Lockout Squad Locksmiths Sydney?

If you live in Sydney and lock yourself out of something, whether it be your house, apartment, car or office, then we can help. Our trained technicians are experienced professionals, and can provide you with entry to the locked location on the spot. We have a 100% success rate, and can guarantee that we will get you in.

The best part of our service is that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night, when you call Lockout Squad Locksmith Sydney you can be sure that a technician will answer, and that we will send someone out to you as quickly as possible. 2am? Not a problem. 9 at night? It’s fine! Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we make sure that you feel like a valued part of the Lockout Squad customer family.

best locksmith sydneyContact Lockout Squad Locksmiths Sydney Today!

If you need an emergency locksmith service in Sydney, choose Lockout Squad Locksmith Sydney today. We are the experts in locks, and guarantee that we answer every call. Our 24/7 availability means that no matter the situation or the time, one of our responsive emergency locksmiths Sydney will be there to help as soon as possible.

For more information about our services, whether it’s about security systems you want advice on or if you’re locked out of home right now, Lockout Squad Locksmith Sydney can help. For immediate assistance with your lock emergency in Sydney, call us on 0425 000 888. Or if you have a general enquiry, email us at