Automotive Locksmith Sydney


Locking your keys in your car is an embarrassing mistake, especially if the engine is running or you are in a rush to arrive somewhere. We will send an experienced auto locksmith to recover your keys and have you back on your way again as soon as possible. We offer 24-hour lockout service, so no matter what time it is or where you are in the Sydney area, we’ll be right there to serve you. Our emergency locksmith team will do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are safe and able to reach their destinations without excessive hassle. Our lockout service is available for both electronic and standard car locks, so contact us right away for fast results.

Replacement Car Keys

Over the years the auto industry has greatly improved the security of their vehicles by using electronic car keys (transponder technology). Although this has proven to have reduced car theft it also causes problems trying to replace these keys when they are lost, broken or stolen.

We are also equipped with the latest transponder car key equipment which enables us to cut and programme keys for most makes and vehicles.

What is a Transponder key?

The transponder key is a key that communicates with the car’s on-board computer (engine management system) via a tiny radio-chip installed inside the fob.

A car’s on-board system must receive the correct signal from the transponder key in order for it to start.

If you need a spare key, or you are locked out and need a replacement car key quickly – we can help. We can even replace your keys without the need for an original.