Locksmith Alexandria

Forgetting your keys and not being able to enter your home, office or property is something that is extremely frustrating. It can be easy to become stressed and worry about losing the battle with your schedule. However, at Lockout Squad, we are specialised to handle just this kind of situation. Our personnel are available on call 24 hours a day to handle emergency lockout situations. Our professional locksmiths in Alexandria will be at your side within minutes of you calling us with an emergency request.

When time is precious, promptness of service is all that matters. All our locksmiths in Alexandria are fully-equipped to handle all kinds of locks and they will help you enter your property within the shortest time possible. Our locksmiths have all the equipment needed to perform the job efficiently and effectively, ensuring that you can continue with your day soon.

Range of services on offer

Our emergency locksmiths in Alexandria will arrive shortly after you place a call to us. They are adept at lock-cutting and re-keying technologies and they have the knowledge to do the job fast. Here are some of our other services:

  • Residential and commercial lock installation, repair and maintenance
  • Surveillance cameras and CCTVs
  • Lock-cutting and master re-keying
  • Installation of doorbells, alarms, door chains, deadbolts and their repair and maintenance
  • Keyless entry
  • Providing replacement and duplicate keys
  • Security systems

We constantly keep updating ourselves about the latest locking technologies in the industry and that makes us efficient at working with all kinds of locks.

When time is at a constraint

People who require the services of a locksmith in Alexandria usually put a premium on promptness. It is not a fun experience being stranded outside one’s home in the middle of the night, unable to enter it. When time is valuable, our professionals are the ones to call.

If you have moved house recently or have been burgled, changing locks is a hassle that you cannot ignore. We are adept at changing locks throughout your home or business with ease and promptness. A hassle-free experience is what we promise. Our prices are competitive and our no-obligation quotes are easy to request.

When looking for a locksmith in Alexandria, you have to be sure that the firm is a dependable one. All our personnel are highly qualified professionals and have been trained well. Their background has been checked with a comb’s tooth and you have no reason to worry about their integrity. If you are looking for an expert locksmith or want to make enquiries regarding the services we offer, call us at the Lockout Squad on our phone number 0425 000 888. You can also contact us through our website at www.lockoutsquad.com.au.