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With so many different people – employees, visitors and suppliers – going in and out of office buildings every day, security is a major challenge. Access control requires a flexible system in which authorization can be defined individually or by user group and security zone, from the underground car park, reception and all the individual floors, to especially sensitive areas such as data rooms and archives. As well as being secure, the system has to be easy to manage, with a single type of access medium – ID badge or key – for all users.

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We know how important feeling safe and secure can be. Safety is fundamental to living a happy and enjoyable life. Feeling safe at work is also fundamental to doing a good job. Security emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer clients 24/7 commercial locksmith services. Your employees are your greatest asset, so it is your duty to protect them when they are with your company. We can help.

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We Offer Commercial Locksmith services to all our clients!

Offices are active places, filled with all different kinds of people entering and exiting the building, moving to different areas, and needing different levels of access. Lockout Squad can help you create a fully comprehensive security solution for your office.

We work with many companies providing our services as emergency locksmiths in Sydney. We offer advice and practical help to a variety of offices, so we have a fairly good understanding of office environments, and their individual security needs and requirements.

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we pride ourselves on staying on top of the most relevant and effective security trends and updates in the industry

We are masters of designing and installing security that involves multifunctional systems that are able to be integrated and accessed easily by those people who need them.

Especially in today’s modern climate, commercial buildings should be protected well. Every area will need a different level of security access, from the underground car park, reception, individual floors, management offices, and high-level security areas like data storage rooms and company archives.

We favor multifunctional systems because they have the advantage of combining operational data and time recording with physical access. This makes them twice as efficient and gives your employees a way of accessing the areas they need, while you have the systems to pinpoint and record any attempted security breaches, as well as operational and time data.

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We Offer Commercial Locksmith services to all our clients!

With a team based in Sydney, our commercial locksmiths can install a wide variety of security products for your building or office. We have both mechanical and electronic products, digital keys, cylinders, card readers, and digital locking systems. The security landscape is constantly changing, and we can update your systems regularly to keep on top of any changes. Lockout Squad is able to provide you with a completely integrated security solution that will suit your commercial needs.

Modern multifunctional systems are doubly efficient because they can combine physical access control with operational data and time recording

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We offer a comprehensive range of products for integrated, centrally managed access control systems

These include mechanical and mechatronic products, digital keys and cylinders, digital locking systems and card readers. These products can be combined with other components for recording personnel and operational data.

All systems and components can be updated regularly according to individual requirements to ensure they always cover changing security needs. We also try to ensure that individual components can be integrated as effectively as possible into a building’s interior architecture.