Deadlock Replacement Services

Deadlocks are some of the most common locks in Australia. They’re secure, resilient, and add to the security of your property. These locks are usually more resistant to tampering and break-ins as well. If you don’t have the right key, it’s very difficult to get past this lock and enter the property. That’s one of the reasons why so many people get these installed on their residential or commercial property. While deadlocks are more resilient, they will need to be replaced eventually. At Lockout Squad, we have experts that can easily and efficiently replace these locks when they’re worn out.

Why Replace Your Deadlocks?

While most locks are built to last, they will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Your deadlocks are no different. At times they may get damaged and replacement becomes the only option. Because they’re some of the most important locks on your property, you need to ensure they function well at all times. Here are some reasons why you need to consider replacing your deadlocks.

  • They’re Old/Damaged – If your home is old and the locks have never been changed, you need to consider replacing them immediately. Old/damaged locks can be a major security risk as they can be easily picked or broken into. That’s why it’s very important to replace them with newer, more resilient deadlocks. We can do that for you.
  • They Don’t Turn Smoothly – The deadlock mechanism should turn smoothly every time you turn the key. If it doesn’t there’s a problem with the components inside the locking system. This lock needs to be replaced if you want to avoid being locked out. Our expert locksmiths will carefully remove your malfunctioning deadlock. They will make sure the door isn’t damaged, before they install the new lock.
  • They’re Rusted – Rusted locks are also a sign of age and damage. They’re very fragile and easy to break into. While you can clear the rust if you catch it early enough, most people don’t notice. We always recommend replacing the lock entirely because rust can penetrate the lock and damage the small components within it. Even after clearing the rust, the lock might be vulnerable and weak.

Why Choose Us?

Deadlocks are a critical aspect of your home security. Naturally, you want to hire a locksmith who would do a good job and install a good product. At Lockout Squad, we take our job very seriously and double-check everything during an installation job. We’re a licensed and insured company so you can trust the quality of our work.

All our locksmiths are certified professionals with ample experience. They’re thorough and meticulous when they do their job. You can be sure that your deadlock replacement will be done smoothly and without any problems.

For any more information about our deadlock replacement services, whether you want advice on security systems or are locked out of your home, we at Lockout Squad can help. For prompt assistance with your lock emergency in Sydney, call us on 0425 000 888. Or if you have a general enquiry, email us at