Replace Home Locks

It’s never a good idea to neglect the safety and security of your property, whether it’s commercial or residential. You need to make sure that burglars and people with criminal intentions can’t enter your property easily. Locks are some of the most basic security precautions you can take to protect your home and office. Like all security precautions, they need to be changed occasionally. Most locksmiths and security experts will recommend changing the locks or rekeying them once in a few years. At Lockout Squad, we have expert locksmiths that are familiar with different kinds of locks. They can easily change any lock that you might have on your property.

Why Change Locks?

Most people don’t think about replacing their home locks unless they’re damaged in some shape or form. As long as the lock is working, they don’t worry about changing it. However, in some situations, it’s vital to change locks to maintain the security of your home:

  • New Home – If you’ve just moved into a new home, you need to change the locks. Most new homeowners forget to take this step and regret the decision at a later date. While the previous homeowner is obligated to hand over all the keys, they don’t always keep track of all the duplicates they may have. For example, if the previous homeowner gave their spare keys to neighbours or relatives and didn’t retrieve them, your home security might be at risk.
  • Lost Keys – If you’ve lost keys in the past, you should consider replacing your locks. It doesn’t take long to make an impression of the key and create a duplicate. While this doesn’t happen often, it doesn’t mean you should take that risk. If you replace home locks, you don’t need to worry about people breaking in.
  • Break-ins – Locks and doors are usually damaged during a break in and you need to replace them immediately. If you delay, you’ll be placing yourself at risk for another burglary. Even if you think that your lock is functioning well, you need to replace it. After all, you don’t know if the burglar has a copy of your keys.
  • Wear and Tear – Locks have moving parts that will eventually wear down. Old locks jam more often and can cause problems if you continue to use them. They also pose a great security risk because old locks are easier to pick or break. If you notice signs of rust and jamming, replace home locks promptly.

Why Choose Us?

We have well-trained, certified, and very efficient locksmiths on our team. They will replace your home locks easily and make sure that the new lock is functioning well before considering their job done. They have experience with different kinds of locks and security products. You can be sure that your home would be secure after we install your locks.

For more information about our home lock replacement services, whether you want advice on security systems or are locked out of your home, we at Lockout Squad can help. For prompt assistance with your lock emergency in Sydney, call us on 0425 000 888. Or if you have a general enquiry, email us at